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WhatsApp Compliance Policy

This policy document outlines the steps that iDesk Media will take to ensure compliance with the WhatsApp Business Policy. The WhatsApp Business Policy sets forth the rules and restrictions that businesses must follow when using the WhatsApp Business Platform. By complying with this policy, we ensure that iDesk Media is using WhatsApp in a safe, responsible, and compliant manner.


The following are the key points of the WhatsApp Business Policy that iDesk Media will comply with:

  • We will not use WhatsApp to send unsolicited messages to users.
  • We will only send messages to users who have opted in to receive them.
  • We will not send messages that are spam, fraudulent, or deceptive.
  • We will not use WhatsApp to facilitate or organize criminal activity.
  • We will not use WhatsApp to sell or promote illegal products or services.
  • We will respect the privacy of our users.


The following are the procedures that iDesk Media will follow to ensure compliance with the WhatsApp Business Policy:

  • We will have a clear opt-in process for users who wish to receive messages from iDesk Media.
  • We will use a spam filter to prevent unsolicited messages from being sent.
  • We will have a team of dedicated staff who will monitor our WhatsApp account for compliance issues.
  • We will have a process for resolving any compliance issues that are identified.


IDesk Media will monitor its compliance with the WhatsApp Business Policy on a regular basis. This monitoring will include the following:

  • Reviewing our opt-in process to ensure that it is effective.
  • Monitoring our spam filter to ensure that it is working properly.
  • Reviewing our messages to ensure that they are compliant with the policy.
  • Investigating any complaints that are received about our compliance.


If iDesk Media is found to be in violation of the WhatsApp Business Policy, we will take the following steps to enforce the policy:

  • We will immediately cease any activities that are in violation of the policy.
  • We will take steps to remediate any harm that has been caused by the violation.
  • We may be subject to penalties, including suspension or termination of our account.


By complying with the WhatsApp Business Policy, iDesk Media can help to ensure that we are using WhatsApp in a safe, responsible, and compliant manner. We believe that this is important for protecting our users and for maintaining a positive reputation for iDesk Media.

Effective Date

This policy is effective as of July 24, 2023.