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Payment, Cancellation, and Refund Policy

Payment Policy

  • iDesk Media gives you multiple modes to make payment for our services; you can choose any one according to your convenience. We accept payment through payment gateway. You can pay us through Net Banking, Credit card, Debit card or Direct Wire Transfer. The link is given in the footer of the website to make payment using net banking, credit card or debit card or you may pay via our payment gateway redirection by selecting one of our packages here.
  • We will charge 50-60% of the project amount as advance for any project and provide details about rest of the amount at the time of signing the project agreement. If we (“Company” and “Client”) enters into any project without signing of bond papers, through e-mail and telephonic conversation; it will also entertain as fully accessed agreement and all the terms of services will be levied on that.
  • The cost of the project will be exclusive of taxes and the tax will be levied in addition as per the Indian Taxation system and the rate of tax will be applicable as the current tax rate in India at the time of project agreement.
  • We value our customers and understand their needs. We are open with our clients and there may be a chance of fluctuation as per the client requirements.

Cancellation Policy

IDesk Media believes in assisting its customer in the best possible way, having a great moderated cancellation policy. The following terms will be applicable in the case of cancellation of the project or order.

  • According to our policy, cancellations might be considered if the demand is made within 12 hours of placing the order. In any case, the cancellation demand won’t be acknowledged if the requests have been already transferred to the sellers/vendors/execution group and they have initiated with the project.
  • There is no cancelation of requests put under the Same Day Delivery class.
  • No cancellations are considered for those items/benefits that the client has gotten on extraordinary events/occasions/offers like Month end offers, discount promotions, Diwali, Halloweens, Christmas, New Year and so forth. These are limited event/occasions offers/schemes and hence the cancelations are not allowed.
  • No money back guarantee even the cancellation is done within the 12 hours of the order. The money can be adjusted with the next single order within 60 days.
  • Any lack in benefit of the service due to any outsider like content writing, pictures, hosting, server, and so on, we won’t be responsible at all. For any effort that IDesk Media team will put in order to coordinate with them, will charge extra as per standard rate of the company.
  • In case if you find that the product is not same as discussed with you, you must have to contact our customer service team within 24 hours of the delivery of the project. Then, our team will consider it.
  • Once you have place the order after crystal clear conversation about your needs, you can’t make a lot of change in the project during the completion of project. If you wish to make those particular changes, you have to pay for that in addition of the project amount.

Refund Policy

The terms of refund is governing by our refund policy that is point out below:

  • When you buy our services/products, due to the various policy enforced by various circumstances including the nature of business, we don’t offer any money back scheme. If you are with genuine reason and which is not affect the interest of company, we may provide any alternate of this instead of refund. To provide any alternate is the only choice of our Managing Team, and No one can enforce them for this.
  • In case of SEO services, you can make monthly payment after reviewing the previous month work and performance. You can make a contract for 1 month for our SEO services or more than 1 month. But in SEO or Digital Marketing projects, you have to pay 100% charged amount before starting of the work. The paid amount must be more than or equal to 1 month charge that will be disclose at the time of quotation.
  • Client can’t stop the payment without giving prior notice to the company in written with a valid issue. The given issue is reasonable, valid or sufficient for stopping any payment or not; will be decide by our management team, and after getting conditional approval of the company, client can stop the payment.
  • If a client refuse to pay the said amount on given date, iDesk Media has right to stop his all projects on immediate basis either it is completed or not and file a sue for fraudulent, breach of contract and in some other sections cached in according to the Indian Contract Act. The company can also refuse to provide his credentials or important data and publish his full details in top national and international newspapers and on News and Ad Publishing websites.
  • All disputes except related to refund (because we have clearly mentioned that in any case refund can’t take place) in which iDesk Media is a party comes under the Indian Judiciary and all will resolve in the Jurisdiction of Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh), India.