‘With convenience comes the risk’ the phrase fits perfectly in the backdrop of controversy related to new WhatsApp privacy policy. Whatsapp being the most popular messaging app holds the most users with it which made the Facebook to acquire it in whopping 16 billion in 2014. Recently whatsapp brought its open educated privacy policy being mandatory to accept if you intend to use the platform. earlier the timeline end at 8th Feb which is recently extended to 15th may 2021.

What is the Concern?

With new privacy policy whatsapp openly says that it will share the limited data with facebook and its associates. This will help in getting the  precise personalised ads to the consumer. Whatsapp is still an end to end encrypted service but the business accounts will be now out of this purview making the valuable business information vulnerable to be leaked and misused.

Except your personal chats and calls info whatsapp will share every information beginning from your device IP , about info, status posts to the valuable bussiness transactions information. Considering the ongoing trend people are also skeptical about WhatsApp starting to show ads in the app which was earlier promised to be not intended.

What Should We Do?

First and best alternative is to use any other secure messaging platforms like signal and telegram who gives priority to the security rather than revenue.

If you still intend to use WhatsApp itself, you can minimize the information shared on the platform like your DP, about section, and status posts. To avoid the location from being shared you can use a VPN (a virtual private network) to randomize your device IP address.