Abhyuday Yoga is the leading Yoga Training center in Varanasi. They vision a healthy World and propagate the benefits of Yoga. They offer you, Personal Yoga Teacher and Trainer, in Varanasi & customized sessions for better results. Yoga does not need an introduction in terms of the term “Yoga”. Its application is essential to acquire physical, mental, and spiritual health however Yoga is an ancient method to gain 3D health. 

Ravishankar Mani Pandey is the founder and influencer of this very group ‘Abhyuday Yoga’. Who makes sure to assist his students at every level. Ravishankar has been trained in the art of Yoga, from the most prestigious institution in India. He has trained celebs from Bollywood, Tunisia, Nepal Embassy.


Ravi Shankar Mani Pandey


Yoga and Health Website


November, 2019


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