YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google having billions of members. Do you know that almost 500 million hours video watched every day on YouTube? If people want to watch any video except sexuality, they prefer YouTube. There are millions of YouTubers earning a good amount from YouTube per month by uploading their own contents. YouTube is very strict about its community impression and if you break its community guidelines, there is 100% chance that it will suspend your channel. So, I would like to suggest new YouTubers that before starting your Youtube journey, read carefully its guidelines and understand. Then, start your channel and be aware every time about its guidelines.

Now, I am going to describe that if you start your journey with Youtube then how can you promote your videos, how can you get more views and subscribers and when your channel will be eligible for monetization? To learn about it, please come with me and read full post and apply on your channel promotion. One thing I would like to mention here that if you want to start your journey with Youtube seriously, then you must have to keep a lot of patience because at starting stage it takes some time but after getting some unique viewers, subscribers and being a little popular among your audience, YouTube journey becomes very easy.

How to Promote New YouTube Channel?

Hope that while reading my article, you have already created your YouTube channel. If not, then, first of all, decide that in which category, you will create your videos and all. To know about the ideas about how to create a channel and in which category can I create my YouTube Channel that will be beneficial for me? Please follow my next blog or contact us here, we will guide you completely for your great YouTube Journey.

Now, if you want to promote your newly created YouTube channel, you must have to follow these simple, highly effective and important steps:

1. Create Attractive and Right Thumbnail

Video Thumbnail plays a crucial role in promoting your videos on YouTube and getting viewers on your video. A thumbnail affects 55-60% views on your videos. You have already watched on YouTube that there are millions of views on that videos in which there is no uniqueness or extra ordinary quality but one thing that videos have – Attractive Thumbnail. You have to create that thumbnail which said story of your video and viewer be eager’s to watch that. But, one thing you have to keep in mind that your thumbnail should be related to your videos otherwise YouTube can strike on your channel and videos.

2. Give Your Videos Irresistible Title

The video title also plays a vital role in promoting any YouTube videos. Your title should be average, neither so big nor so small. YouTube allows to write titles upto 100 letters but around 50 to 60 letters title is more effective, attractive and SEO friendly. So, try to write a great title for your videos around 60 letters and don’t write abusive, sexual or offensive words in your title. Because it harms the YouTube community guidelines and your videos can taken in review and while getting monetization for your channel, it may create a huge problem. And repeating these words in your many videos your account can also be suspend by YouTube.  WRITE TITLES RELATED TO YOUR VIDEO AND SEO FRIENDLY. Means, your title has sufficient keywords that can be search in YouTube. For example: We uploaded on our one channel video, spiritual tips to control your husband and in Hindi – PATI KA VASHIKARAN. But there is high traffic on this keyword, So I have written Pati aur Premi ka Vashikaran because in the video there is a short clip to control your boyfriend also. So, I have used it. You must have to use your own mind while writing titles for your videos and would have to research before uploading any video on your YouTube channel.

3. Write a Brief Description About Your Videos

Video description not only tells a story in short about your videos but it is also a vital part of SEO for YouTube Channel and videos. You should write a complete description in short that describes real content of your video. It will attract your viewers and also increase your audience limit on YouTube. Due to YouTube promote your video itself in the feeds and upcoming video line up of viewers. The video description may be of 5000 characters but 1000 to 1500 characters description is sufficient to rank your videos and good also.

4. Put the best relevant tags and searchable tags

Tags are as important as content and title of the video. While uploading video on YouTube, there is a option to add tags. Your video tags may be upto 500 characters but upto 300 characters tags are good in the eyes of SEO. More tagging and less tagging, both are not good for video SEO. Before uploading any video, do a complete research on keywords/tags. Select best and trending along with highly ranked tags on YouTube as well as Google. For keyword research, you can use various tools like google trends, YouTube Analytics, VidIQ etc.

5. Be Active on Other Social Platforms

It is right that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world but other social media platforms help in order to boost the videos ranking and ensure the reach among large audience base. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the top 4 largest social media platform having billions of users per month. On these social sites, reaching among large audience is comparatively very easy than YouTube. You should use your social media account for promoting your videos and channel consistently. You can also direct post your videos on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter along with your YouTube Channel link.

6. Be Active on YouTube also

As we have already discussed that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world but it is also a social media platform. You can say that YouTube is a combination of Search engine and social media platform where people share different things in the form of videos. If you want to rank yourself or your channel on YouTube, you will have to become an active member on YouTube. You have to engage with others videos posts via likes and comments after watching his/her videos. Yes, you have to also mind that your activity on YouTube wouldn’t lead to spamming activity. A spamming activity is that activity where you act kindly a lot. So, you have to act but consistently and in a limited way. Means you watch daily 5 videos and likes and comments on those then, don’t watch 50 videos kindly once. Or don’t comment more than 10 videos without watching at least 50% lengthy video of the same.

7. Submit Your Videos on Other Websites

Backlinks is more important to rank your posts, articles, videos, or websites on Google. Google prefer those posts and sites that have many more backlinks. A backlink generated when you post same on a lot of websites. There is also a large user base on other websites who are very active and loyal on those sites in which main are WordPress, blogger, Tumblr, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Quora. Post your videos consistently on these sites can boost your posts ranking on Google and give you a loyal audience from these sites also.

8. Use Messengers smartly

Messanger is also a great medium to share your information among your friend circle and followers. You should share your YouTube video link with your friends through messengers and ask them to watch, like, comment and share that video and also for subscribe to your channel. There are lots of free messengers nowadays in which WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, hike and Google hangout is very vague.

9. Be A consistent YouTuber

Being a YouTuber is not enough to guarantee your success on YouTube. For promoting your YouTube channel, you must have to be a consistent and active YouTuber. Post video on a consistent basis. If you post every week 1 video then must be sure to post at any cost. But, at the initial stage, I recommend you to post on daily basis or within every 2 days 1 video. If you miss your consistency then it leads to prove you as an inconsistent and less intensive YouTuber. Posting consistently helps in getting a large audience engagement.

10. Run Google Adword Campaign

At initial stage, without paid promotion; it is very difficult to boost your channel unless you have a strong content and a great luck. Because, some videos having really great content fails to get more views because they don’t reach among many people. If you want to boost your channel within few days, you must have to go through Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a best way to promote your videos and ensuring reach among many numbers of viewers. You should run Adwords campaign at least 2 times within a week for 2-3 days every time.

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